Arundel House | The place students call home
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Arundel House is a home for women students in the heart of Sydney’s university and college precinct. Arundel is a warm, welcoming community, where women can study, make friends and thrive.


At Arundel, you can focus on your studies – it’s why we’re here.


  • Personal desks
  • Group study rooms
  • Great location
  • Internet access

Not to mention the convenience of an evening meal prepared by a chef, and the ability to pack lunch and snacks for long days.


At Arundel, you form friendships for life.


  • O-week social events
  • Weekly community dinners
  • Social events throughout the year
  • Communal meals
  • Communal lounge, relaxation and study rooms

And it’s great knowing there’s always someone to grab coffee, walk in the park, party, or see a movie with.


Moving away from home is a big step, for both students and their families, but with care and support, you can thrive.

Mel Hanger, Arundel’s Director, lives in the House full time, and Senior Residents are available to assist girls in settling in and adjusting to life in the city.

Arundel girls thrive in their new independence and endeavours, knowing they have somewhere safe, comfortable, and fun to come home to.

Arundel also provides pastoral care for students and personal development opportunities. All are invited to attend our local Anglican church, St Barnabas Broadway, or join in with the house Bible study group. Mel also meets with each student to touch base and help with any problems.