Arundel House | FAQ
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Application Process

(1)  Initial Application

Apply via the form below. You can also find alternate contact details on our Contact page. We’ll then organise a tour and interview for you.

(Applications open September)

(2)  Tour and Interview

We don’t automatically accept everyone who applies, we will call to arrange an interview, in person if possible, and a tour of the house. It’s a friendly chat, and you can bring your Mum and Dad if you like.

(Interviews will be conducted October through December. Applications and interviews will re-start January)

(3)  Offers are made

Within a week of your interview, the Director will let you know if you’ll be offered a space at Arundel. We then send you some more info and arrange for you to move in.

Living At Arundel

Do I have to be Christian to live at Arundel House?

Not at all. Arundel is a ministry of the Anglican church, which means we operate according to the ethos and beliefs of the Anglican church. However, we welcome women of all faiths, no faith, and all backgrounds.

What are the rules?

At Arundel, we all commit to keeping the House a safe and happy home for everyone. This means things like no alcohol, drugs or sex on the premises, and guys aren’t allowed to stay overnight (they’re very welcome to visit though!). If you apply for a place at Arundel, you’ll receive the code of conduct as part of the application process

What does it mean that Arundel is an ‘Anglican ministry’?

Being an Anglican ministry means Arundel was set up as a way for the church to serve young women facing the challenge of moving out of home. We are a way for the church to express care and love for the community. The Director and some of the Senior Residents attend our local Anglican church – Barneys and maintain close links with the student ministry there.

To read more about what we believe please check out our Statement of Faith.

What’s the food like?

Our evening meals are prepared by a chef. We have a varied, seasonal, fresh and tasty menu – and Arundel girls think so too!

Breakfast includes a range of cereals, toast, spreads, fruit, yoghurt, eggs, spinach, mushroom, cheese etc.  We also have a bullet to make smoothies.

For lunch there’s everything from salad and sandwich fixings, to leftovers, cup a soups, noodles, rice paper wraps tuna, toasties etc.

Arundel food is nutritious and delicious!

Do Residents have to do duties?

Yes, everyone contributes to the smooth running of the house. Duties are a great way to get to know other residents and adjust to adult life. You might be on a wash up team, or pot plant duty, sweeping or re-stocking the pantry. At most, duties will take an hour out of your week.

Who does my washing and cleaning?

You do!

Every public area of the house is cleaned by our cleaner, but you’re responsible for your bedroom and your own washing and drying (and not leaving the rest of the House in a pigsty!). There are four washing machines and four dryers available for resident’s use, as well as washing lines with some of the best views in Sydney.


Is Arundel secure? And what about the area – can I walk around safely?

Each resident has a perimeter key, you can only enter the premises with a key or in the company of a resident. Also, each resident has a personal key for their room.

Our street is well lit, and full of students.

Who looks after me at Arundel?

The Director, lives in a flat on the premises. Her goal is to make Arundel a safe and happy home for everyone.

She’s available in emergencies, and also works four days a week in the House, meeting with and praying for students, planning and running social activities, training Senior Residents and others in leadership.

The Senior Residents are older residents in the house who help the director with the safety and happiness of the house. They supervise duties, show girls the city, care for and pray for the girls and help organise awesome social activities.

The Administrator works five days a week in the office. The administrator deals with food, accounts, and property – ensuring there are working light bulbs, smooth rental payments, and plenty of bananas for everyone.

The Council is ultimately responsible for Arundel House. The Chairperson, Fiona Paget, has been part of the Arundel community for many years and highly values the opportunity to help young women thrive in their studies in Sydney.


What do I need to bring with me? What’s provided in the rooms?

EACH ROOM CONTAINS: bed, desk, chair, phone, pin board, wardrobe, bookshelves, under bed storage and a chest of drawers.

YOU SHOULD BRING (or buy when you get here):
Bed linen
Laundry powder (and basket)
Plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork and spoon for your breakfast, lunch and weekend meals.
You may want a small fan or heater
Study materials
And then it gets crazy, some girls bring photo boards, millions of cushions, personal curtains etc. If you can fit it in your room cleanly, and dispose of it ethically, you can bring it!

Cooking equipment
Air conditioner

May I bring a car or bicycle?

We have a secure bike rack on the premises. We cannot provide parking – public transport, cycling, and walking are the way to go in inner Sydney!